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Kenyataan Tian Chua
12 September, 1999
The Poisoning of Dato Seri Anwar

The revelation of arsenic poisoning of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim was
shocking and appalling. The Malaysian people are outraged that such
blatant plot could have been used. Dato Seri Anwar has been detained
since September 20 last year. The government insisted that he should
be placed under custody, and all attempts for had been rejected.
Despite the assurance by the authorities, he was still assaulted
during detention. Until today, legal prosecution has not been taken
against culprit of Anwar's assault.

The suspected arsenic poisoning is a very serious issue. The
authorities cannot escape the responsibility of safeguarding the
well-being of the prisoners and detainees. Anwar is detained in Sungai
Buluh prison under tight security. The most likely source of arsenic
poisoning is from food and drink. The government should take immediate
action to investigate personnel of prison authorities in charge of
food supply. While we call for a Royal Commission to inquire into this
serious revelation, the following actions should also be taken without

+ Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim should be placed under the care of a
panel of doctors appointed by both government and his family while
being warded;
+ An open inquiry should be conducted on all personnel involved in
providing food and drink and guarding the prison;
+ Dato Seri Anwar should not go back to prison until the inquiry is

Deputy Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi, being the Home
Minister has to be held fully responsible for the appalling incident.
He must provide a satisfactory explanation. In any case, the Home
Minister must also an apology for the negligence of his Ministry.

It is also extremely regretable that the Prime Minister Dr Mahathir
has shown no sympathy and concerns for the misfortune of Anwar.
Instead he made an insinuation that family members or supporters of
Anwar could have administered the poison. It is a similar insensitive
and relentless comment as that was made last year when Anwar was
presented with black eyes.

The people of Malaysia reject such cruel and insensitive remarks and
demand the Prime Minister to retract his statement. We also strongly
condemned the insidious plot to eliminate political dissidents. The
people will not stand idle to allow such corrupted practices to
continue. We will stand up to fight against the despot to defend truth
and justice.

Long live the people's struggle!

Tian Chua

Vice President

Parti KeADILan Nasional

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