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Call To Investigate 8 September 1999
I refer to the report published in the STAR Tuesday, August 31, 1999
in relation to the affidavit filed by the defendant Raphael Pura in
the suit brought by Insas Bhd and Megapolitan Nominees Sdn Bhd.
The affidavit was filed by the defendant in support of his application
to amend the defence. Notwithstanding that the application has been
dismissed by the Learned judge, those several allegations disclosed in
the affidavit against Chief Justice, Tun Eusoff Chin have now become
public knowledge.
Not only are the allegations extremely serious, they are of grave
public concern and warrant investigation.
Parti Keadilan National therefore requests that the authorities
concerned do forthwith conduct an investigation into the allegations
in order to clear any misapprehension that the public may have of the
learned Chief Justice and the judiciary.
Zainur Zakaria
Member, Supreme Council
Parti Keadilan Nasional
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