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Aliran Media Statement
Anwar Being Poisoned?

Aliran is alarmed and fears for Anwar's life following the disturbing
disclosure that there is evidence of "arsenic levels beyond danger"
in his body.

This latest episode dispels all doubts and only confirms that there is
indeed a real life-threatening danger for Anwar.

It is with shock that we recall the cynicism that confronts us --
rather than a sane explanation -- each time a dangerous situation is

Last year in September, when Anwar appeared in court with a black eye
and declared that he was almost beaten to death, the Prime Minister
observed that Anwar's wound could have been self-inflicted.

Today, when it was revealed that there is evidence that Anwar is being
poisoned the Attorney General seems to suggest that Anwar's family may
be responsible for this. It appears that there is no limit to
foolishness and absurdity.

As for the A-G's brave words that he "will leave no stone unturned" in
this matter, is turning out to be a joke. Malaysians will recall that
he made a similar pledge on 15 March 1996 with regard to the "poison
pen" letter against the judiciary. He promised then, " ... we will
ferret them out whoever they are, and bring them to justice".
Malaysians are vainly waiting for the fulfilment of that pledge.

Under the circumstances, the A-G should not be involved in any
investigation to unravel the poison mystery. Malaysians no longer seem
to have any faith in him. Aliran specifically calls for an independent
investigation to get to the bottom of the truth.

P. Ramakrishnan
10 September 1999

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